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Perfectil plus hair – 60 Tablets

(21 customer reviews)

635,00 EGP

  • 60 tablets of 28 key vitamins and minerals for healthy hair.
  • No need to use other vitamins or supplements.
  • Contributes to the promotion of general health.
  • Supports healthy skin and nails.
  • For daily use.
  • Produced by Vitabiotics.
الشراء عبر الواتساب

Perfectil Plus hair Vitamin is a unique formula that helps you maintain the great look and condition of your hair.

It contains a unique blend of 28 minerals and vitamins that provide the basic daily needs of your hair and entire body.

Available in stock: Vitamin c tablets

Perfectil tablets benefits

  • Vitamin Perfectil Hair Plus contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the health of all our beauty elements, such as hair, skin, and nails.
  • Vitamin Perfectil Hair Plus contains a unique combination of a mixture of color and copper.
  • It also contains zinc, biotin, and selenium, all of which contribute to promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • The presence of minerals and multivitamins in Perfectil Plus tablets makes your body get adequate nutrition, and keeps you in constant access to the nutrients that will help it heal itself and maintain a great hair condition.
  • Providing general nutrition for your entire body at the same time, as Perfectil Triple Active Original pills do.
  • Perfectil Plus tablets contain Vitamin C, an element necessary for the normal production of collagen, thus maintaining the elasticity and strength of hair, skin, and nails.
  • It also includes iron, which is a very important component for hair health as low iron stores in the body lead to hair loss.
  • The tablets also contain magnesium, a type of mineral that helps improve skin complexion and reduce acne.
  • Perfectil Plus tablets provide you with iodine, as iodine deficiency leads to hair loss by preventing the regeneration of hair follicles, and this is what Perfectil Orginal pills also take care of.
  • Contain grape seed extract, which mainly helps in maintaining a healthy scalp and promoting hair growth.
  • Perfectil Plus tablets, are the perfect multivitamin and mineral complex that helps you maintain your beauty and youthful skin.

General Benefits of Perfectil Hair Plus tablets

  • Stimulates blood circulation and helps the formation of new blood cells.
  • Help reduce high cholesterol levels.
  • Slightly improves diabetes.
  • Helps maintain great health.
  • Boosts the immune system and helps maintain healthy muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • No need to use another food supplement, because this product includes everything.

How to use

  • Take two tablets daily with the main meal.
  • Swallow them with water or a cold drink.
  • Don’t chew the tablet

Perfectil tablets price

Available at Beauty Expert at a discounted price, 635 EGP per package. 

Perfectil plus side effects

There are no side effects of using Perfectil products as they’re made of natural ingredients, however, if you’re on medication or pregnant then consult your doctor.


  • In case you suffer from any severe disease condition, it is best to consult your doctor.
  • In case you have any allergies, it is best to consult a doctor.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • The tablets should only be taken on a full stomach.
  • This unique formula includes multiple vitamins and minerals, so there is no need for you to use other nutritional supplements.
  • Pork and beef-free.

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21 reviews for Perfectil plus hair – 60 Tablets

  1. ولاء ياسر (verified owner)

    اسعاركو بالنسبه للشوفتها برا كويسه جدا

  2. جمال إبراهيم (verified owner)

    شكرا لحضرتك نتيجه ملحوظه

  3. Nour Rashed (verified owner)

    بقيت واثقه في المنتجات اللي بتستخدمها بعد ما اتعاملت معاكوا و دايما كنتوا محل ثقه

  4. Sayf Ahmed (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  5. منة الله محمد (verified owner)

    فيه تأخير في الرد

  6. محمد على (verified owner)

    جوده المنتج كويسه جدا

  7. THNAYAN MARIE (verified owner)

    من افضل المنتجات اللى حصلت عليها من عندكم ومفعوله سريع ومفيد جدا

  8. حسن عبدالله (verified owner)

    المنتج فعلا رائع ونتيجته هاليه

  9. سهيله اسامه (verified owner)

    اكتر منتج وصلت معاه لاقصى نتيجه واحسن فايده

  10. ياسر الصفطى (verified owner)

    اكتر منتج وصلت معاه لاقصى نتيجه واحسن فايده

  11. Shams Shams (verified owner)

    الجودة مناسبة مرهه للسعر الحجم كبير المكونات جدا جميله

  12. نصر الدهشان (verified owner)

    المنتج حلو جدا و النتيجه رهيبه و ساعدني جدا

  13. ساره اشرف (verified owner)

    كل الترشيحات بتبقا ممتازه فعلا

  14. احمد محمد ابوزيد (verified owner)

    حقيقي مش عارفه اشكرك ازااي والله انا كنت زهقت أصلا

  15. مروة فايد كامل (verified owner)

    فيه تأخير في الرد

  16. سمر محمد السيد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  17. Joullnar Sal (verified owner)

    ممتاز والجودة رائعة اخترته بعد ماسمعت نصيحة حد من الفريق

  18. روان محمد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  19. احسان احمد سليمان (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  20. محمد سليم (verified owner)

    منتج اصلي بصراحه وناس محترمه جزاكم الله كل خير ياب

  21. اسماء نصر (verified owner)

    شريته هذا المنتج للمرة الرابعة ممتاز ومركز ومفيد انصح به

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