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Xtend BCAA for Muscles

(21 customer reviews)

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  • Production of X, Xtend Original, USA.
  • 30 Serving.
  • 7 BCAA and Electrolytes.
  • For muscles recovery and bulking.
  • Grows and strengthens muscles.
  • Promote fluid balance.
  • Regulates muscle contraction and heartbeat.
  • Reduces muscle sore and cramps.


الشراء عبر الواتساب

Xtend BCAA Muscles Formula is your number 1 choice, especially if you train in hot weather or sweat a lot.

High intense exercise can make you lose a lot of electrolytes, then instead of growing and strengthening muscles, you are weakening muscles.

We are here to tell you about exercising and which supplements you need to fulfill your body needs.

Xtend here is filled with Amino Acids that build up your muscle tissues.

It also supplies the body with a sufficient amount of electrolytes to balance the fluids in your body.

It makes your muscles recover faster, grow, and become stronger.

Properties of Xtend BCAA Muscles Formula:

Xtend BCAA Reviews:

  • Xtend comes with 3o servings of Branched Chains Amino Acids (BCAA) and Electrolytes.
  • The importance of BCAA is represented in its ability to build up muscle tissue.
  • Not only that, it also reduce the rate of protein degeneration.
  • Keeping muscle growth at its maximum ability.
  • BCAA reduces the skeletal muscles damage rate, that may happen due to intense exercise.
  • It mitigates the fatigue that you feel when exercising for long times.
  • It also reduces muscle pain and soreness.
  • BCAA promotes or speeds up the recovery of the muscles functions.
  • Xtend formula also contains electrolytes.
  • When a person is exercising, he/she loses fluids.
  • Fluids balance or hydration is vital to the health of the body.
  • almost all of our body is made of water.
  • Fluid balance is vital to have proper functions of all body organs.
  • Like, digestion, regulating the temperature of our body, and many more.
  • On the other side, the deficiency of electrolytes has a negative impact.
  • It may cause muscle weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, headaches, confusion, or irregular heartbeat.
  • So, keeping hydrated is vital.
  • Those who are most likely to lose more electrolytes than the average amount are:
  • People who workout for more than 60-90 min.
  • Trainer who perform high resistance exercises.
  • People who wear unbreathable clothing while training.
  • Trainers who sweat above average, or train in high temperature.
  • Consequently, those who train in a breathable clothing and in a cool weather, are less likely to lose fluids.
  • Electrolytes are important for muscle growth.
  • Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium are the most important electrolytes for the muscles.
  • They aid to conduct the nerve impulse to the muscles.
  • They support and regulate the muscle contraction.
  • They support and regulate the heartbeat.
  • This way it helps your muscles to gain the nutritional elements they need.
  • In addition to an improved nerve supply, and a regulated muscle contraction free of cramps.
  • It will help to reduce the pain and muscle sore.
  • Thus way the muscles will recover faster, grow bigger and stronger.

Usage Instructions of Xtend BCAA Muscles Formula:

  • As a dietary supplement: mix each level scoop in (1-2 cups) 10-14 fl. oz. of water.
  • (adjust for taste preference) and shake well.
  • On training days: consume 1 level scoop during exercise and 1 level scoop after exercise.
  • On non-training days: consume 2 level scoops throughout the day.
  • For best results: consume daily.

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Ingredients of Xtend BCAA Muscles Formula:

  • Calories, Sugar, Total Carbohydrates = 0.
  • Vitamin B6 = 640 mcg.
  • Sodium = 220 mg.
  • Potassium = 190 mg.
  • L-leucine = 3500 mg.
  • L- Glutamine = 2500 mg.
  • L- Isoleucine = 1750 mg.
  • L- Valine = 1750 mg.
  • Electrolyte Blend = 1140 mg.
  • Citrulline Malate (1:1) = 1000 mg.

Warning When Using Xtend BCAA Muscles Formula:

  • This product is only intended for healthy adults, 18 years of age or older.
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
  • Consult with a licensed, qualified, healthcare professional before taking this or any dietary supplement product.
  • Especially if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.
  • Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Use only as directed.
  • Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • This product is sold by weight not volume.
  • Some settling of powder may occur during shipping and handling, which may affect density of powder.
  • This product contains the servings indicated when measured exactly by weight.

Xtend BCAA Muscles Formula

  • Consult with our customer care representatives, they will provide further details.
  • Buy Xtend Watermelon explosion at the best price in Egypt.
  • It contains BCAA and Electrolytes for muscle recovery and growth rates.
  • Xtend BCAA training formula is 100% original.
  • Get the muscle bulking formula now and enjoy our best deals.
  • Xtend for speed muscle recovery is in a new condition.
  • With Beauty Expert, your Beauty Pal, we will help you accomplish your mission.


21 reviews for Xtend BCAA for Muscles

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    شركه محترمه شكرا جدا ليكوا

  2. Wael Elmashad (verified owner)

    مفيد جدا للجسم بصراحة تجربتى معاه هايلة

  3. ولاء كمال (verified owner)

    انا اتعاملت معاكوا و دايما برشحكوا لصحابي ومعارفي لان منتجاتكوا دايما كويسه جدا

  4. Merna Farghaly (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  5. Dr Razan (verified owner)

    منتج رائع! يتوافق تمامًا مع المعايير والصفات الموضحة الموضحة على الملصق

  6. محمود وائل (verified owner)

    اولا هذي الشركة احبها كل شي اخذه منها جميل ومفعوله واضح

  7. نور احمد حسين (verified owner)

    انا اتعاملت معاكوا و دايما برشحكوا لصحابي ومعارفي لان منتجاتكوا دايما كويسه جدا

  8. كريم هيكل (verified owner)

    نصحني به احد الاصدقاء ويقول انه مفيد ونتائجه رائعة

  9. Marianne Saad (verified owner)

    بصي هي نتيجه بطيئه شويه بس ظهرت بعدين

  10. sherif almadani (verified owner)

    ساعدني جدا و نتيجته معايا حلوه جدا

  11. لارا رافت (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  12. عادل قدري (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  13. السيد كريم (verified owner)

    متابعتكوا معايا هايله و كمان المنتج حلو جدا بجد

  14. Salma Rawash (verified owner)

    الجودة رائعه و المكونات غنية عن التعريف

  15. قسمه الامير سعود (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  16. ش احمد يمير الصاوي اشارة جسر السويس (verified owner)

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  17. عبدالرحمن ابو حديد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  18. أحمد عبد الشكور حسن سلامة (verified owner)

    بصي انا بصراحه بجد وربنا يشهد متعاملتش مع شركه محترمه كده زيكو ف حقيقي ميرسي لذوكم اوي حبيبتي

  19. Mounira Abdelrhman (verified owner)

    من المنتجات اللي اتبسطت بيها ونتيجتها كويسه جدا

  20. ادهم حسين (verified owner)

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