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  • Production of Majestic Herbal, Australia.
  • 32 capsules.
  • Natural fat burner and weight loss supplement.
  • Burn the stored fats, control appetite, and slim the body.
  • Enhance body circulation, boos the immunity, and fight aging.
  • Dietary supplement.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Vegan product, free from animal products.

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Majestic Pomegranate pills for weight loss consist of exceptional herbal extract combination that able to burn the excess fats and hold back your appetite in a healthy way. In addition, these capsules enhance your immunity and body circulation beside fighting the stress and aging. The capsules can give you a healthier body with higher metabolic rate, immunity, and youthfulness, and with lower sugar craving, stored fats, and cholesterol.
While using Majestic Pomegranate capsules, you will notice how the fats disappear from the areas where they usually stored at the abdomen, waist, hips, and without the risk of regaining weight. So, you can consider these capsules as three in one, as fat burner, immunity enhancer, and an overall general health supporter.

Properties of Majestic Pomegranate pills for weight loss

  • Natural product for multiple positive effects mainly weight loss and including improvement of immunity and body circulation.
  • pomegranate capsules benefits is to increase the metabolic rate, and decrease fat synthesis.
  • As the rate of new fat production slows down, and while consuming a metabolism enhancer, our body becomes fully energetic and responds to these changes tremendously, it shows on the rapid weight loss process.
  • This herbal combination can effectively inhibit the appetite and the hunger feeling.
  • This way, a less food intake is significantly effective, the body will turn to the old stored fats and start to burn them as an energy source.
  • The antioxidants components of the herbal extracts can fight aging and encourage the beautifulness and youthfulness.
  • The mineral content in the capsules including Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium, and iron, aid in overall body functions, nutritional status, and immunity.
  • A healthy body reflects a better physical performance, so, the parameters of losing weight are now maximized, to allow the body to lose weight as much as possible.

Usage instructions of the Capsules:

  • Take 1 capsules with 1 with warm water, half an hour before breakfast.
  • The Majestic Pomegranate pills for weight loss should be taken in the morning.
  • Preferred to be taken at empty stomach.

Majestic Pomegranate pills for weight loss Warnings

  • Not for use by minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, patients with hypertension or diabetes, patient with heart, liver or kidney problems.
  • Do not consume if you are less than 18 years old.
  • Safety sealed with a printed seal.
  • Do not use if seal is broken or missing.
  • Stop taking the capsules if you experienced fast heartbeats, difficulty in breathing, or headache.
  • Keep in a dry cool place.
  • Keep away from children

Other ingredients:

  • Contains: koning nut, garcinia cambogia, apple cider extract, kiwifruit, mannan fibers, kanjaku extract, sweet potato cellulose, guar gum powder.
    Contains No: Soy, lactose, corn, gluten, yeast, sugar, salt, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives

Majestic Pomegranate capsules, Natural fat burner and weight loss supplemet.

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