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Maca capsules for men sexual ability enhancer – 100 capsules

(21 customer reviews)

790,00 EGP

  • Maca capsules for men increase sexual desire.
  • Enhance sexual health life for men.
  • Increase endurance for long periods.
  • Promote blood circulation in the body.
  • Improving mental state and mood.
  • Package contents: 100 tablets.
  • Produced by: Sungift.
  • Get Maca capsules for men now at the best price.


الشراء عبر الواتساب

What is Maca capsules for men?

Maca capsules for men are famous for improving and strengthening sperm health, increasing men’s erection during sex. Also known to increase fertility, thanks to the roots of the maca herb that confirmed scientific studies.

Sungift Maca capsules also have many other benefits such as improving the immune system and relieving bone pain. Read on to learn more.

Maca capsules for men price 2024 in Egypt

At Beauty Expert, Maca capsules for men are available for purchase for just 790 EGP per packet.

Maca capsules for men benefits

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Maca capsules for men ingredients

maca capsules for men

Men’s libido tablets contain many elements that enhance sexual health in men and increase their endurance, including:

  • Maca extracts 525 mg.
  • Gelatin capsules.

How to use Maca capsules for men

Daily dose: 1 tablet per day.

Use maca capsules with a meal or with a glass of water.

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Maca capsules side effects

Maca capsules for men don’t have any health risks in most people and is unlikely to cause any side effects in moderate doses. However, due to its effect on hormones, people with thyroid problems should avoid taking maca.

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Warnings Maca capsules for men

  • Not suitable for patients with pressure and those who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • You must be +18 years.
  • If you have any temporary or chronic medical condition, consult your physician before using Sungift Maca to avoid any side effects or drug interactions.
  • If you notice any sudden reaction avoid using it.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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Maca capsules for men reviews

One customer review “Best product on the market! Not only does it fix erectile dysfunction, it also gives you more energy and stamina. Best kept secret. I love it and will continue to use it. Also tried other brands and this one works the best”

Advantages of Maca capsules for men

  • Increases stamina.
  • Helps to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves mood and reduces anxiety.

Disadvantages Maca capsules for men

Can’t be used with other medication for sexual problems.

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Frequently asked questions about Maca capsules for men

Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, Maca is rich in fiber, calcium, iron, and amino acids. It is known to boost fertility in men, reduce stress, and increase stamina. 
It is considered that through plant sterols, Maca stimulates endocrine system helping to maintain hormonal balance. 

         Ask for our Maca capsules for men offers at a special price and enjoy our best offers at Beauty Expert, by contacting us through the following numbers:

01007224868 || 01064496005


21 reviews for Maca capsules for men sexual ability enhancer – 100 capsules

  1. اسماء اسماعيل (verified owner)

    ياريت والله توصلي شكري لمدير الشركه أصلا وتقوليلو قد ايه انتو شركه جميله ومحترمه

  2. Hanan Metwally (verified owner)

    اهم حاجه فى التعامل معاكم فعلا المصداقيه ونفس المنتجات اللى بنشوفها بتوصلنا

  3. ندي خالد (verified owner)

    بقالي شهرين بتعامل معاكوا و بجد مفيش مره متبسطش من المنتجات

  4. Dina Naem (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  5. أسماء قابيل (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  6. احمد محمد السيد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  7. كمال الدين عبدالله جمال الدين (verified owner)

    تمام يااستاذه الطلب وصل ومفيهوش مشكله شكرا لمتابعتك

  8. Nada yasser (verified owner)

    المنتج اصلى وعليه كل المقاييس

  9. اميرة هشام احمد (verified owner)

    الجودة رائعه و المكونات غنية عن التعريف

  10. فرحة الحبيشي (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  11. Hala salah (verified owner)

    ميرسي اوي المندوب وصل في الميعاد

  12. سلطان الريسي (verified owner)

    المنتج كويس بس اتأخر شوية

  13. نجلاء فتحي حسن (verified owner)

    تجاربي معاكوا كلها ممتازه بجد من احسن الشركات

  14. اسماء سامی ابراهیم اسماء سامی ابراهیم (verified owner)

    استملت بسرعه وكل حاجه كانت مظبوطه

  15. نيفين عرابي (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  16. شيماء ايمن (verified owner)

    انا استخدمته 3 شهور بظبط وكان تحفه فعلا حاسه بفرق في كل حاجه

  17. الحسين احمد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  18. عزه محمد (verified owner)

    الشحن كان سريع ووصلتني تانى يوم

  19. يسري ياسر (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  20. ياسر اسماعيل (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  21. Abdelrahman (verified owner)

    انا الاوردر لسه واصلي وحقيقي مبسوط من السرعه وطبعا التعامل بتاعكو

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