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Korean bubble mask deep purifying black mask

(21 customer reviews)

Original price was: 70,00 EGP.Current price is: 60,00 EGP.

  • Removes all dead skin cells and fats.
  • Hydrating the skin grants the face freshness and vitality.
  • Exfoliate the face naturally and lighten the skin tone.
  • Suitable for all skin types especially oily and mixed skin.
الشراء عبر الواتساب

The Korean Charcoal Bubble Mask is known for its creamy foaming texture, which turns into a bubble-shaped formula during use because it provides the skin with an amount of oxygen.  Read more to learn about the korean mask.

Benefits of the Korean bubble mask

  • Removes all dead skin cells, toxins, and sebum, so your skin looks healthier than ever.
  • Moisturizing the skin and giving the face freshness and vitality.
  • Exfoliate the face naturally and lighten the skin tone.
  • Gives the face freshness and natural health.
  • Fast, easy to use, and gives you instant results.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin.

The Korean bubble mask in Egypt

 Available at Beauty Expert at a discounted price, 60 EGP per package. 

How to use the korean bubble mask

  • Clean your skin carefully by using an appropriate lotion, with lukewarm water to open the skin pores.
  • Apply the Korean Bubbles Mask to the skin, distribute it evenly on the face, and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Once dry massage the skin with bubbles and wash your face with warm water.
    After using the Korean Bubbles Mask, it is recommended to apply a nourishing serum to the skin, because the pores are open, and the nutrients penetrate the skin cells.

Package contents

In the package there are 10 sheets of charcoal bubble mask, apply the bubble mask three times a week to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Usage instructions

  • Avoid using the Korean Charcoal Bubble Mask on pimples and sunburned or damaged skin.
  • Stop use and consult your doctor if your skin becomes red, swollen, or irritated during use.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes, in case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • Korean Bubbles Mask is for external use only.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.

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21 reviews for Korean bubble mask deep purifying black mask

  1. ريهام نادر (verified owner)

    استخدمته و طلع حلو جدا

  2. شريهان المرزوقى (verified owner)

    اهم حاجه فى التعامل معاكم فعلا المصداقيه ونفس المنتجات اللى بنشوفها بتوصلنا

  3. هند ابراهيم (verified owner)

    ميرسي حبيبتي وصل في معاده عايزه بقى الطريقه

  4. mahmoud abdelhadi (verified owner)

    استخدمته و فعلا كويس جدا و نتيجته تحفه

  5. mariam abuqoura (verified owner)

    المنتج من احسن المنتجات اللي استخدمتها و فعلا هتعامل معاكوا دايما

  6. Passent Amir (verified owner)

    انا من اقدم عملائكم وكل مره فعلا بكون مبسوط وانا بتعامل معاكم

  7. manar Massoud (verified owner)

    مفيد جدا ويلاحظ التغيير بمدة قصيره

  8. Amr Zaher (verified owner)

    من اكتر الاماكن اللى كنت مرتاحه وانا بتعامل معاها

  9. رانيا سعيد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  10. Farah Abdulrahman (verified owner)

    شركه محترمه شكرا جدا ليكوا

  11. Mina Philip (verified owner)

    تشكرو على المنتج وفرق معايا صحيا

  12. عمرو عاطف (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  13. زينب محفوظ (verified owner)

    انا عايزه اقولك أصلا كنت احبط جدا بس الحمدلله نتيجته طلعت حلوه اوي

  14. karim mohamed (verified owner)

    متابعتكوا معايا هايله و كمان المنتج حلو جدا بجد

  15. Reham Esam (verified owner)

    المنتج اصلى وعليه كل المقاييس

  16. اميره محمد (verified owner)

    منتج اصلي بصراحه وناس محترمه جزاكم الله كل خير ياب

  17. Rania Negm (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  18. Nglaafathy (verified owner)

    شريته هذا المنتج للمرة الرابعة ممتاز ومركز ومفيد انصح به

  19. Nada ElHama (verified owner)

    المنتج كويس بس اتأخر شوية

  20. Mohamed Touni (verified owner)

    حابب اشكرك على سرعة الاوردر جالي في نفس اليوم والمندوب محترم جدا ربنا يباركلك

  21. Sherine Elshenawy (verified owner)

    منتج رائع! يتوافق تمامًا مع المعايير والصفات الموضحة الموضحة على الملصق

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