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  • Production of Natrol, USA.
  • 60 tablets of Chelated zinc, a trace metal, 7.5 mg.
  • Rapidly soluble in water.
  • Strengthens the immune cells and aids in killing antigens.
  • An essential element for cellular energy production.
  • Treats zinc deficiency.
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High Absorption Zinc tablets is a great supplement for your immune system, general health, the ability of the body to transform food into energy, and treats zinc deficiency.

Zinc roles in the body are uncountable, it has a massive role in the proves of energy production that still not 100% uncovered.

All studies show that zinc is a part of hundreds of enzymes activity in the body, mainly affecting the transform of nutrients (Sugar and fat) in the cells in to energy.

Any effort our body does, whether it was mental or physical consumes energy. People with zinc deficiency have low energy level production and poor metabolism.

Properties and Usage of High absorption zinc tablets:

  • Hi absorption zinc tablets contains the main active ingratiate in the form of chelation (Chelated zinc).
  • The form of the metal ensures its stability and its ability to be water soluble, the importance of this form is to obtain a high absorption rate, because sometimes it is hard for the body to absorb metals.
  • Zinc improves the metabolism of the body; we often hear the word metabolism.
  • Simply: metabolism means the transform of food or nutrients like sugar and fats into energy, it is a complex process, Zinc is a cofactor that aid that process.
  • Once metabolism is improved you find yourself in a better shape, a better physical health and you feel empowered, you feel the energy again and that you can do your routine and extra activities.
  • Zinc plays another very important role in the function of the immune system.
  • It has a different role for each type of the immune cells, it enhances the first (innate) response of the immune system, and it helps the antigen killing cells (Phagocytes) to actually them.
  • It has another extremely important role that it helps in the process of Apoptosis (The cellular auto-programmed death), which means that it indirectly helps the body to fight cancer cells and prevent the abnormal growth of cells and the formation of tumors.
  • It restores the impaired energetic metabolism.
  • Zinc helps in almost every important process in our body, it is a cofactor to plenty of enzymes, transcription process, modulation and regulation of cells function and normal development.
  • Zinc deficiency has been linked to various weaknesses and diseases, it is better not to reach that point.
  • It will help you to build a stronger firewall to your immunity and it will amazingly improve your metabolism.
  • It can help fight Depression, HIV, type II Diabetes, and infertility.


Benefits of Natrol High Absorption Zinc:

  • Specefic benefits of zinc includes:
  1. Benefits of zinc on the immune system:

Zinc determines the proper functioning of the immune system in several different ways. It is a cofactor for thymosin, a thymus hormone that is involved in the maturation of the immune cells (T lymphocytes).

  • It affects the processes of cytokine production that is responsible for regulation and signaling of immune cells, inhibits the toxic activity of natural killing cells called OTA (Ochratoxin A).
  • Zinc not only strengthens the immune system in healthy people, but it also helps restore immune function in the elderly and the sick after serious illnesses.
  1. Benefits of zinc on the nervous system:

  • Zinc is involved in a large number of processes in the central nervous system. It affects mental development, a variety of brain functions, mental health and emotional balance.
    • It is essential for the healthy normal development of the CNS (Central nervous system).
    • It is directly involved in the proliferation of the stem cells, through affecting and co-factoring the formation of plenty of hormones, proteins, growth factors, and enzymes.
  • Zinc has anti-depressant properties, it helps the body to overcome becoming depressant and reduces the risk to develop such a problem.
  1. Benefits of zinc for men on the hormonal system and fertility:

  • Zinc is one the best reproduction metals, it contributes in major process related to the formation of sperms, and the DNA inside the sperm cells, it is also involved in the formation of folate (the normal form of folic acid AKA Vitamin B complex)
  1. Benefits of High Absorption Zinc Tablets for women on skin, hair and nails:

    • Zinc is essential for maintaining the proper structure of skin, hair and nails. It contributes to collagen metabolism (it is the building blocks), Zinc deficiency may case hair fall, zinc was found to treat skin injuries such as skin lesions, psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis.

Usage instructions of Natrol Zinc Supplement Capsules:

  • Recommended dose: Take one tablet, twice daily, with food.
  • Do not chew the tablets before swallowing.
  • No need to take it with water.
  • If you have special condition: You should consult a medical specialist to determine the appropriate dose.

Possible side effect of  Zinc Supplement Capsules:

  • Feeling sick.
  • stomach pain.
  • Redness of the skin and a feeling of itching.
  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing.

High Absorption Zinc Tablets

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