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Ecrinal lotion spray with ANP+2 – intensive hair care

(21 customer reviews)

315,00 EGP

  • Ecrinal lotion spray stimulates the scalp.
  • Recover hair softness and healthy shine.
  • Get rid of dull-looking hair due to many factors.
  • Intensive care from the hair roots to the tips thanks to ANP +2 formula.
  • 200 ml.


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One of the greatest hair care products is Ecrinal lotion spray ANP for women to treat hair loss 200 ml because it contains the ENP complex, which raises the production of hair keratin and encourages the growth of new follicles. Additionally, it effectively moisturizes and softens the hair while promoting hair growth and length.

Ecrinal lotion spray benefits

    • Treats and strengthens frizzy hair.
    • Treatment for hair loss in general and for baldness.
    • A cure for all issues with oily hair.
    • Soften and add shine to dry hair while preserving moisture.
    • Eliminates gaps in hair.
    • It serves as an alternative to hair transplantation.
    • It has a variety of organic components that nourish and strengthen the hair.
    • Immediately brings back the healthy appearance of hair.


Ecrinal lotion spray contains tail horse extracts.

    • ANP:  Amino Natriuretic Peptide, is a hormone that stimulates the production of keratin, which produces healthy hair.
    • Vitamin B5: Shine and strengthen the hair, and it is considered one of the important vitamins for the growth of hair follicles, and it also protects hair from falling.
    • Lactic acid: Moisturizes and strengthens hair, and it also reduces hair loss.
    • Hyaluronic acid: Protects hair from humidity, makes hair follicles healthy and flexible, moisturizes the scalp, and gets rid of dryness.

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How to use Ecrinal lotion spray

  • Use 2-3 times per day in the first 3 months.
  • In the 4th month use only once per day to get better results.
  • Shake the spray well to distribute the product evenly.
  • You don’t need to wash your hair after using it.
  • To get effective results, use it in the morning and evening.
  • You may use it with other hair strengthening oil.

Ecrinal lotion spray price

Ecrinal lotion spray is available at Beauty Expert, 315 EGP per package.

Safety information

  • Ecrinal lotion spray is suitable for all hair types.
  • Consult a dermatologist before using the product.
  • If you have a disease or a medical condition.
  • Do not use the product if its seal is missing or broken.
  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • keep away from the reach of the children.
  • Avoid the eye area.

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21 reviews for Ecrinal lotion spray with ANP+2 – intensive hair care

  1. Fatma Elshafehy (verified owner)

    حقيقي مش عارفه اشكرك ازااي والله انا كنت زهقت أصلا

  2. كريم محمد طه حسن (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  3. هناء عبد العليم (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  4. Mostafa Morsi (verified owner)

    انا عايز اشكرك طبعا عشان صدقتي معايا من البدايه وبعتلي الحاجه زي ماطلبت وان شاءالله المره الجايه هعمل اوردر بالمنتجات التانيه المتفق عليها

  5. عبدالمنعم داود (verified owner)

    تشكرو على المنتج وفرق معايا صحيا

  6. غادة سليمان (verified owner)

    ميرسي اوي المندوب وصل في الميعاد

  7. happy shoukry (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  8. shahira mostafa (verified owner)

    منتج اصلي بصراحه وناس محترمه جزاكم الله كل خير ياب

  9. اسماعيل سعيد (verified owner)

    ممتاز والجودة رائعة اخترته بعد ماسمعت نصيحة حد من الفريق

  10. Tamer Atef (verified owner)

    انا عندي باقي من الشهر اللي فات فا قوليلي اخد ايه معاه الشهر ده وابعتهولي

  11. احمد عبد المجيد (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  12. مروان محسن (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  13. حازم عصام (verified owner)

    ممتاز من حيث الجودة والمكونات طبيعية وامنه والعبوة محكمة ومن حيث الفائدة

  14. وسام درغام (verified owner)

    الجودة رائعه و المكونات غنية عن التعريف

  15. منار بلحه (verified owner)

    اهم حاجه فى التعامل معاكم فعلا المصداقيه ونفس المنتجات اللى بنشوفها بتوصلنا

  16. Engy Medhat (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  17. عمرو البسيونى (verified owner)

    من افضل المنتجات اللى استخدمتها

  18. Dareen Yousry (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  19. هيثم الصادق (verified owner)

    مساءالخير حبيبتي الاوردر وصل بسرعه طبعا زي كل مره ومفيش مشاكل خالص شكرا لذوقك

  20. Ahmed Eslam (verified owner)

    الشحن أتاخر يوم

  21. Ayman Abouelela (verified owner)

    بقيت واثقه في المنتجات اللي بتستخدمها بعد ما اتعاملت معاكوا و دايما كنتوا محل ثقه

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